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“The Ex Pats – Death in Benidorm” Comedy Murder Mystery

Tired of work pressures and the hustle and bustle of London life, Matt and Stacy take early retirement in Benidorm, hoping for a peaceful and idyllic lifestyle. Their dream takes an unexpected twist when they move in next door to a vegan serial killer.

A British & Spanish Co-production and is set to be filmed in the historic cities of London, Benidorm and Altea.

Starring: Martin Kent as Marcus the Magnificent and Lucy-Jane Quinlan as Stacy – Currently casting for Matt

Written & Directed by: Martyn Chalk

Produced by: UK: Karl Hall and Barrie Chalk. Spain: Pere Agulló

Original Score by Robin Bennett and Danny George Wilson

Format: 4k ultra HD

Run time approximately 120 minutes


The Vintage Wine Club” Feature Film

Everybody loves a wine club, but when the wine is stolen you shouldn’t really talk about it. 

In 1980s France, when a small-town bank manager and his brother stumble upon a hidden wine collection in an elderly woman’s cellar, their innocent plan to savor a single bottle snowballs into a wild escapade. As events spiral out of control, the duo finds themselves inadvertently running an illicit secret wine club, juggling their double lives, and desperately trying to keep their audacious operation hidden from prying eyes, all while indulging in the exquisite pleasures and unpredictable consequences of their newfound obsession.

Written by Martyn Chalk

A period comedy set in 1980’s France.

Format: 35mm

Runtime: 120 minutes

“Bandits” Feature Film

“Bandits” follows “The Irish Cream,” an Irish pub covers band, as they embark on a daring tour, combining their musical talents with a series of audacious heists targeting stately homes. A fusion of “Point Break’s” adrenaline-fueled thrills with the soulful spirit of “The Commitments,” this captivating story immerses you in a nineties nostalgia where the echoes of Irish rock ‘n’ roll intertwine with daring heists.

Inspired by Mark Cope

Written by Martyn Chalk

A period comedy set in 1990’s Ireland.

Original Score by Robin Bennett

Format: 35mm

Run time approximately 109 minutes

“No Balls” Feature Film

A Cross Dressing Rugby Romcom

Written by Martyn Chalk

Format: HD

Run time approximately 110 minutes

Born on Broadway” Feature Film

Written by Barrie Chalk

A Comedy Thriller set in New York

Format: 4K Ultra HD

Run time approximately 92 Minutes

“Father Figure” Comedy Feature Film

Set in the late 1940s in Argentina, a single mother working as a maid in an opulent stately home unwittingly befriends a reclusive, bearded German guest, believed to be Adolf Hitler in hiding. As their unlikely friendship grows, she enlists his help as a babysitter, unaware of the dark secrets he conceals, testing the boundaries of trust and revealing that sometimes, even in the most unexpected individuals, a spark of goodness can emerge.

Written by Martyn Chalk

A period comedy set in 1950’s Argentina.

Format: 35mm

Run time approximately 109 minutes

“Nemesis ’39” Television Series

In 1939, an unlikely group of academic misfits form the Anti Nazi Paranormal Investigation Unit, using their unique abilities to uncover and combat supernatural occult forces aiding the rise of Nazism. Led by the enigmatic undead time-traveling agent Captain Johnson, they become humanity’s last hope in a battle against dark forces that threaten to reshape history. Nemesis ’39, where the fight for justice transcends time and the paranormal meets World War II.

Written by Martyn Chalk

Supernatural War Drama

Format: 4k

Run time approximately 60 minutes an episode.


Lone Palm Studios are seeking investment for “The Ex-Pats Death in Benidorm”. Please get in touch for more details and a copy of our investment brochure or if you would like to discus the project with one of the producers.



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